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Duluth-Superior Sailing Association

Duluth Rowing Club

Duluth Yacht Club

Blue Water Paddling - Duluth / Superior's Dragon Boat Club

Courage Duluth

Duluth Sail and Power Squadron



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Try out the exciting sport of dragon boating with our program, Lake Superior Dragon Boating.

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Who we are
Today’s Duluth Boat Club is a 501c3 nonprofit promoting watersports in the Twin Ports.

What we do
The DBC supports existing watersports organizations through networking and collaboration. We help new watersports activities get started.

What we can do for you
Interested in trying a water sport? We’ll hook you up with the right organization and people. Interested in a new water sport? We’ll help provide expertise and wisdom of the people who have been involved in the region’s watersports for decades.

How we can help you
The DBC is governed by a board of directors drawn from the rowing, sailing and paddling communities. We tap into our extensive network to help individual organizations solve problems and put on events.

When we started
Today’s DBC was formed in the late 1990s by the Duluth Rowing Club to promote a central watersports facility for the Twin Ports area. The original Duluth Boat Club was one of the largest of its kind in the late 1800s and 1920s. A number of factors led to its closure in the 1920s.

Why we do it
Our heritage: Duluth and Superior are harbor towns and watersports meccas.
Our future: We believe that anyone who wants to participate should be able to enjoy watersports, regardless of income or ability.
Our home: Every watersports organization in the Twin Ports is held back by inadequate facilities. We’re evaluating several locations for a central facility that will have the facilities these sports deserve.

The Duluth Boat Club: We’ll get you on the water.